PvE Question??

I am kind of getting sick of PvP servers and I was thinking baout joining a PvE one. The question I had is, “Is PvE almost as challenging as PvP?” Is the wild life harder to kill? Zombies spawn much more often and are harder to kill? Someone please answer my question. Thanks.

Nothing changes, the only thing that does is that players can’t dmg other players

Really? I thought there would actually be some catch to it. Then why do people even play PvE then if it is not challenging?

PvE is as close to a “safe, creative mode” as Rust is gonna have for the time being. Some people like to explore, get a feel for the map for when the time comes for them to graduate to a normal server and all that. Some people get sick of being killed on spawn.

They aren’t totally unattackable though. If a server has Sleeper mode on, people are attackable when they log out, apparently in PvE as well.

Because they fail to kill anything with a rock. I don’t see the point either…