PvE Raiding issue fix

Just make it where who ever places the Storage box down is the only person who can access it.

If you dont like raiding dont play the game. I want them so stop greifing from happening.

I don’t play PvE just trying to help. Let’s not be a dick.

yeah, then the base raiding would be out which right now is a pretty big part of the game. At least they’re trying to figure out a PvE server for those that don’t want to be bothered with PvP.

Keep it the same on PvP. I don’t mind raiding there because I can fuck people up.

I wasnt trying to be a dick im just saying if you dont like raiding you shouldnt play this game. PvE servers get boring if u cant raid. its really easy to get everything on PvE and once you do that the only thing left to do is raid. I dont do much raiding on PvE. I just want then to fix greifing cause i have been stuck in my house for a couple days cause i cant get out.

Raiding is a part of the game. R in Rust is for raiding. Griefing in PvE needs to stop tho.

Actually raiding does not really fit on a PVE server as there is nothing you can do about it, unlike pvp where you can kill them or at least try to should they raid your home while you are on.

They do need to make the PVE far more deadly as far as the environment goes however, as well as making items that can be researched extremely rare.
However if they insist on leaving (PVE) raiding as is in its current form, then they need to at least add the ability to attack anyone that attacks/enters your home on a limited timer or something along those lines.

That’s an interesting thought. Limited pvp inside your own home. I can imagine people luring players into their home, setting traps and whatnot. lol


Well if you are silly enough to go into someones house you don’t know then your asking for it, and when I say attacked inside a home it has to be complete not partially built.

That’s the dumbest thread I’ve read on this whole forum, congrats to you sir, and I can tell you this forum as seen many colors.

Thankyou for adding nothing constructive to this thread, please go suicide and lose all yer ill gotten loot.

On another note, I agree. There is an inability to defend yourself AT ALL, but I think that Garry will see to it and give everyone who did raid on the PvE server a hard slap.