Pve Server? Just 1?

There is just 1 pve server at time? west coast III pve

if someone know other ip please write here ty

yes, is it just one server?

Yeah the PvE server is like ALWAYS full we need another one.

Wait just checking up, PvE stands for “Player versus Environment” right?

Yes, that is correct.

I would really love an european pve server, then rust would download faster the bundles.

No, it wouldn’t. The bundles are ALWAYS delivered via a CDN.

Unless they changed it, think cap was set at 500 players per server,
think its only down at the moment.

Your sarcasm detector needs new batteries. :wink:

no sarcasm, the limit was actually 500, very unlikely it was full.

When I’m joining into a US server, it downloads slowly. But when I join a european server, it downloads very quickly.

Yea, really. cdn.playrust.com

Did you not start a pve one ? or I’m I mistaken ? eta ?

No, we didn’t start a PVE server.

whats up with it btw? it seems like its actually DOWN more often than not :suicide:

down now for arround 10+ hours :yarr:

i was on it bout 6 hours ago but to say it was awfully laggy was to say nothing at all, it was unplayable because even turning around made you rubber-band back to direction you were facing previously. So 10 hours from now or you saying its been down for 10 already?

then now its over 10 hours :suicide:

Could we get the pve server back? plz

I am sure they will work on all issue that started with the last update on Friday once they get back to the office on Monday. :slight_smile: