PvE server just wiped?

It seemed like the Wiped the PvE server. I could have been a mistake cause they took the server back down really fast. It was only up for like a min but did anyone else notice this?

ya I seen that, I hope they restore it.

I really hope they do cuz im really successful atm


we’re discussing a wipe of us2 on another thread right now, maybe they just did a full wipe?

well i still had all my recipes and people were saying they still had there inventories. I just suicided cause i needed to get c4 to get my stuff out of my greifed house which pisses me off if they let people keep there inventories. I wouldnt mind a wipe though it is needed.

it’s an alfa

No really??? I thought it was released and they got everything perfect. Dumbass

“It’s an alpha”. I’m bored of it. Everyone knows it, buddy.
Garry is in this Thread. Hi! Can u tell us something about the PvE Server?

Then why complain “awww my stuff’s gone” when they’re trying to test things with the servers?

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Why exactly is it needed?

cause i wanted to post about the server and i couldnt tell you for sure if people still had there inventory when i just put my stuff in my house and was trying to get charges to get my stuff back when the server reset


Sorry guys, a bug cleared the save and we didn’t have a backup.

Do you want me to do a proper wipe on it?

It is still in alpha why do you think you need a key, there’s constant updates, and limited keys are sold a day? If it wasn’t in alpha then everyone could buy it for a certain price and whenever they feel like buying it. That sounds like alpha to me.

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Garry i would prefer you don’t but do whatever is necessary. Thanks for you hard work!

Yeah Lets do A Wipe on US 2 at least it now gives me a chance

Thanks Garry =D yeah i would prefer a complete wipe

I really just want to keep my inventory and crafting options that’s all I really care about lol.

ya same

I vote wipe.

<-- And so does Appalled Husky

yeah i would want to keep my recipes but not inventory