PVE server non raiding

Okay I’m ready for all the hateful replies and such, but I don’t care. I’m going to say what i want to say and what my opinion is.
I want to start off saying no i have never been formally raided on the PvE server but I do think that it should be taken away. It is Player vs. Environment which would mean people would go on that server thinking they don’t have to worry about loosing any items unless the environment kills them. The most frequently asked question when new people join the PvE server is “Is there pvp on this server?” or “Can people raid me?” and in my mind i say wow i sure would hope not considering were on a PvE server where players should not try to weaken other players. But i mean people come on and want to play in a more friendly environment and not have to worry about being raided or killed while “sleeping” I know everyone is going to say this is really dumb raiding should still be allowed. I mean honestly though, what are you suppose to do when someone blows down your door and your just standing there watching them take all your items that you played maybe even hours to get? It is annoying and makes people who dont like pvp quite the game. I understand why people want to raid yea but its PVE seriously the person can’t even defend his base if your coming and just blowing down his base and taking things. If you raid on the PVE server your just to scared to go on pvp servers and actually have to try when raiding someone. You are just a coward if you raid on PvE servers. Thats my comments on that, like i said im expecting people to tag this as dumb or disagree. So go ahead.
P.S. sorry for my bad grammar and if you actually read all that… i give you a thumbs up! :slight_smile: