PVE Server Rust

I´m missing the PvE Server.
Can´t you just bring them back online ?
I always loved playing Pve:
Reason: you join another PvP Server
-> you just farm a bit -> you get shot
-> you found the house of anonther player, you go in -> you get shot
-> zombies kill you -> you get shot

I hope you know, what i mean.
I really like this game and i really enjoyed playing it.
But since the PvE server is gone, it´s not funny anymore.
Too many people trying to kill and raid you.
And it´s not like this happens once a day. It´s happening once an hour, rather once a minute.
Pls do something about it.
Thanks :slight_smile:


What about being more careful and cautious while farming,going inside houses and farming zombies?..
Carebears nowadays…

Yeah I agree with you.

This game was not made for pve. Dying is a part of the game. You should probably find some people to play with, and get a small house up with a sleeping bag.

The most interesting thing to do in this game is to survive. Not to build a carebear city and shake hands with every single person in the game/server.

Why there’s an option to build a house? To survive. To have a safe place to chill out with friends on night time and making plans what to do on day time. The adrenaline when someone’s destroying your door and you got seconds to think what you should do.
This is why I really wanna play this game. The sandbox is great,even though it’s alpha.

Go play Sims , the only option I could recommend tbh.

The problem is that you can’t survive if “your enemy” is more player/s than you are.
You can’t win a fight with 2vs3, it´s impossible.
And why can’t you understand that there are some people in this world that actually don’t like to kill other players, because a game like that can also be played in a different way.


Lol’d again. Impossible to do a 2v3? Then I was doing the ’ impossible ’ thing for a day, when I was able to play the game.

Basically you’re trying to say,that all you want is to Build some houses,kill zombies,kill animals without ANY risk of getting killed/stalked by another player?
Then ye, I can’t understand that.

PvE has dangers especially if Sleepers is on here is a list of Dangers:
Griefers (Locking you in House, Breaking house)
Raiders (After you go to Sleep killing you)
and of Course all the Hackers :frowning:
PvP has all these plus you can get killed by other players

What i’m trying to say is that I don’t have to be better/faster/smarter than other people all the time.
Everyone wants to be better than others. Ofc I like that feeling sometimes,too.
But sometimes I just want to play without any risks of being killed while I’m playing.


Single player games then for you , sir.Sheesh.

We need PvE Server back. There are so many players out there, who only plays PvE.
I like both types.

I appreciate your opinion.
No need to get rude here.
Everyone has his/her opinion, i felt like posting something about the PvE Server here.
If you don’t feel the same, that’s okay.
But this thread is for people like me who miss the PvE Server.


+1 waiting now the 3 day that the pve comes back again

I much prefer PvP but do find the “carebear!” posts amusing. Yeah, some people like playing the game in a different way to yourself. Is that so hard to get through your thick skull?

Just ignore the people who have an issue with PvE.

I’ve played both and can actually comprehend the necessity for either one.

PVE actually would be nice, especially for new players (like myself) to get to know the game, So far I’ve manage to collect a few woods and a little stone, not even enough to do anything, then get shot, and then rinse and repeat, not that funny in the long run.

When I read this out loud to my self in a really whinny voice it sounds perfect.

Since the weekend is over now, it really would be great if PvE could come online again. :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance.

No. Some people dont like pvp

I Like to take out the Main game play elements of rust. out as well.