PVE Suggestion: Home Defence Rule

When the game is playable (which is rare thanks to the DDoS attacks), I find myself usually playing PVE because generally players are a lot more cooperative and helpful. However, there are always a few griefers or just old fashioned thieves. Something I think would be a very good addition to the PVE mode would be the ability to injure players who have been damaging your structures in the last X amount of seconds (I’d suggest 30-90). I’ve had a few times where people come up and just start destroying my barricades or walls and I have to stand and watch unable to do anything to prevent it. I’m actually for being able to steal and stuff, I suppose it’s part of the game even if I wouldn’t do it. However, having to stand by and watch it defenseless is rather frustrating and not quite the same as if someone actually executes a well planned stealthy raid. I know a bunch of you are going to say “well you should play PVP then, noob!” but I hate PVP because everyone is a trigger happy idiot, and if I wanted a shooter I’d go play battlefield. I want to actually be able to work together with the majority of people, and attack only those who would try to steal from me or grief. Thoughts? If you’re going to post “play PVP” then don’t bother posting, please. Also, if you want post if you’d be for or against this in the poll.

understand your plight. I think there’s a building culture rising that seem to gain enjoyment out of just hunting gathering and building. I think there should be a game play where 2 or 4 communities are spawn in there own sections of the map and lets say given 10 days to build the communities with out interference from other communities. maybe some kind of temporary force field. Then after 10 days or so, the shield is lifted and let the games begin. last community wins the map. kind of divide and conquer

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temporary PVE

I’m sorry to say but half of your entry is already agreeing to what I’m going to say next.

The human race is a destructive and non-trust able race in general. It’s in our nature to grab as much as we can to survive. The game is moving more and more away from the “PvE” aspect and I think it’s for a good cause.
Sure PvE is great when LEARNING the game. But in the long run I really don’t see ANY point in ‘end’-game PvE.

If you get a group of friends on TS/Mumble you will quickly realize that this game isn’t as hard / trigger happy as you think it is.
The end-game atm is raiding really. Same in PvE. You build your kickass base then what? PvE is great for trying out new designs of a base or just getting familiar with the map, in fact I think all new players should spend atleast two hours in PvE.
Go to a PvE server find your “Cooperative and helpful” players and start a team with them and start playing PvP. As stated by the game developers the game is heading into a hardcore survival aspect sooner or later.

Everyone gets a jumpy trigger finger if you suddenly see someone running against you (Even you do in PvE, in fear of your buildings)It’s the nature of our race,We trust others way too quickly while we also show hostile behavior as soon we come against something we can’t understand/feel threaten by.

I’m not saying I’m "above " everything I just said. I’m exactly like this, so is everyone in the human race . If not, then good job my good sir, you have risen above the rest of us and should find others like yourself to team up with and feel more safe.

Sun Tzu said: The art of war is of vital importance to the State.
It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin.

I’m sorry to say, but I don’t think you realize the difference between the way humans react in reality versus in a game. In a game there is no moral qualms or issues with murdering someone. In real life there is for the mentally healthy person. So for example my first game of PVP I hop in, and within 10 seconds of spawning, a guy with a shotgun comes up and asks if I have wood. I say no and then he blasts me away all for what, 2 bandages and a torch? For the hell of it more likely. If he really wanted the stuff, he could have asked me to drop it and I was several feet away and holding a torch, not a threat at all. Instead he wasted 2 shotgun shells on someone who was obviously not a threat.

Also I don’t get on edge when people come by my buildings; if they’re naked I often ask if they need clothes and food. It’s the people who come up and start trying to axe in my walls that bother me, and I’d go as far to say as that’s justified.

As for the time old “I don’t see a point in PVE” what exactly is the point in PVP? Essentially the same but with more killing people. Really, if I wanted a realistic shooter I could play Red Orchestra 2 or something, which is made for shooting and has much better mechanics and a more defined “point” and end-game. Survival does not equal killing everyone you lay eyes on, although many gamers now seem to think that. In this game especially, teamwork is a lot more conductive to surviving. An example: I saw a random guy getting chased by a zombie, so I came up behind it and bashed it’s head in. We became friends and tried to start a small base. In PVP, he probably would have bashed my head in with a rock soon after I saved him, just in case I had some good loot or was going to turn on him later.