PVK - Pirate shooting a viking



I’ve been having a lot of fun with this game.

(His hand holding the pistol will look weird because they aren’t finger poseable)

Great lighting but the muzzleflash looks really cut-off. In parts it has the orange glow and in other parts it doesn’t… looks quite odd.

To be honest I was expecting more like this in style:


Nice job editing the fingers though.

The gun is behind the guys head i tried to make it shine past … Failed, oh well :slight_smile:

Nice, but, unrealistic.

I mean, the most underpowered class killing the most overpowered class? >_<

your saying realism when it’s concerning THIS game?

Besides i always get killed by skirmishers, they’re too darn fast

I like the shading on the pirate.


His hand ins’t holding the gun in the original, how did you manage to make that?

The powers of potatoshop

Dont like it, its wierdly edited and the camera angle isnt very interesting.
Try again

Fuck outta here.

Fuck Vikings

They suck don’t they.

I love vikings, there a good class.

The shadows coming from their heads look pretty bad.

Viking’s got a major :derp: face.

What does that mean?

Also, why is the muzzleflash going through the guys head?

haha yeah.