PVK2 2.3 ragdolls, please?

It would be very nice :3

pics, maybe a batter description on which one’s exactly

Pics? GO PLAY THE MOD! It’s on steam right now. Also I said ragdolls in the title. No weapons, just each class.

But maybe he doesn’t want to play the mod? Just go get pics. Not nice to be lazy.

There are pics on the steam page, is it really necessary to upload pics from a well known mod? It’s not like you even need the pictures, I just need someone to convert the new characters with their new face poses.

No one knows what the fuck PVK is. Not telling them isn’t going to help. If you want someone to spend their time doing a request for you, you have to stop being an ass and give some reference material.

How about you do it yourself pal?
Get GCFscape, and open the pvkiicontent.gcf in your steamapps folder. Then just extract both materials and models whereever you want them.

Yeah but that takes too much work, us lazy people of the community would rather have those with experience do it.

But most people don’t know what PVK is so there for you need pictures and a link to the mod.

Plus the fucking ragdolls are the same as the first PVK so find the first pvk models and their ya go.

yeah but now they’re much prettier, and there are a lot of color changes.


Lmfao! V