PVKII Invisible Ragdolls

Hey all, I recently downloaded Pirates, Vikings and Knights II so I could use the models in Gmod. Most of them work except for the ragdolls, which look like this:


Any idea whats causing this and how I could fix it?

Did you use the garrys mod mount thing? If not I suggest you copy the materials and models folder into you garrysmod/garrysmod folder. There won’t be a spawnlist but you should have all the models.

It is because it uses custom shaders. GMod needs to load shader dlls also found in gcfs then it should work. The workaround for now is to copy the game_shader_dx9.dll from the Pirates Vikings and Knight II\pvkii\bin folder and placing it in the garrysmod/garrysmod/bin folder. Then it will work properly and use custom shaders that the models are setup for. (I’m the dev who actually wrote the new shaders and was trying to mess with them in gmod and found the same problem :slight_smile: )