Pvp and why the update ruined it

Anybody that avidly PVPs knows it’s an extremely one sided battle when you’re facing someone long range when either of you has more armor pieces than the other. It’s pretty simple, armor is overpowered since the update. You are better off hitting somebody in the arm 3 times than the head 3 times, THIS SHOULD NOT BE. This game should reward you for hitting your headshots, not punish you. This is the only thing I found wrong with this update besides the fact berries still heal 10 instantly.

…isent that the point of armor. The reason your not getting rewarded with the kill after the headshot is becuase your opponent spent his HQM and his leather to make sure he dosent die after that 1 headshot. He spent his resources and time to get an advantage

Not really. 5 HQM is literally nothing, that takes you 1 minute to farm, 1 minute to walk back to base, and 1-2 minutes to smelt. That’s a 5 minute facemask, and suddenly your bullet proof. Bolt headshots deal 4 dmg to your face and life is just peachy cause you’re winning fights. That’s ass.

The point is that you can hit somebody three times in the head and they’ll be alive with 80 hp

are you serious? I haven’t played since the last patch but that’s cruel. And not that bad imho. That would mean it’s easier for a new casual player to survive against hardcore players and at least escape easier.

Yes, that is the point of armour, but when a bullet to the face from a bolt action literally only takes 4-5 health, its getting a bit unrealistic and stupid really. FacePunch have said it was a bug and it has been fixed, so next update it should be a lot better

They said they balanced the facemask so a shot from an ak should do 40 damage, which is still far to low, whether someone has a metal plate covering the front half of their face or not, you should never survive 2 or more bullets to the face. An ak should do 55-60 damage minimum, and a bolt action should do 70. That way the facemask is of course saving their life, but leaving them vulnerable afterwards.

i got headshoted with a coffecan severaltimes yesterday they 2 survive 3 bolt headshots before they break and you only get around 10-20 damage which is really nothing, Afterwards i started to run around with 3 helmets in my inventory cuz why not i can start changing them.

THATS NOT how it should be.

Hey guys, good news. Here’s what Maurino had to say in today’s devblog:

In real life, a helmet or any other head covering, won’t stop a high caliber bullet from a sniper rifle.

So keeping with the theme that not being able to choose your gender due to it not being a real life option (except that these days it seems that it is. Thanks Caitlyn), face and head armor ought not stop a sniper bullet.

Gender not being a choice isn’t strictly for the sake of realism. It’s a deliberate game design decision to minimize the delay between client startup and beginning gameplay with a rock in your hands.

It’s likely also a deliberate design decision by the devs to not have sniper headshots be a reliable one-shot kill under all circumstances, because this isn’t DayZ and roof camping people with a sniper rifle 24/7 isn’t what Rust should devolve into. I say ‘likely’ because I don’t know the devs’ precise reason and am guessing based on their past decisions.

I find it very difficult to believe that having an option to choose gender could seriously delay client start up. A one click option, not a massive issue, I’m sure.

And you make a good point, we don’t want to be like DayZ.

Okay, so garry adds gender buttons.

Now people will complain that they want to customize their skin tone, but they insist they’re not racist (this is sometimes a more plausible claim than in other posts). garry already bent to the will of the community to allow gender selection, so it’d be blatantly hypocritical for him to refuse skin tone selection. So skin tone selection is now a button. There are now… like 8-10 options available on character startup.

Now people will complain that their character’s penis is too small/too comically huge, or their character’s breasts are too large/too small. Now garry either has to put his foot down and get firm with the community about bending his design to peoples’ selfish wishes, or he might as well just implement a goddamn Skyrim-style character creation screen because otherwise the requests will. never. stop.

garry posted this to Twitter. This is a real FP support ticket.


At some point you have to put your design first and accept that some people just are not ready for consuming your product. If gender selection is so important that you’re going to quit playing Rust, uninstall the game and perhaps use the free time to re-evaluate why you did and the underlying questions or discomforts you may have in your life. This is not specifically aimed at you, Davidab, the ‘you’ in this paragraph is more addressed to people like support ticket buddy above – I acknowledge that you’re not making that argument.


My personal opinion on armor is that it should be fairly cheap’ish but give smaller advantages as well. Meaning that it’s still worth it to make armor because of the advantage it gives you but it shouldn’t be completely impossible for a naked man to kill you with a bow just because you can take 3+ headshots/6+ bodyshots.

People hate me for mentioning Legacy but I think the balance was way better there.

I would have to agree, I don’t think you should ever be able to survive 2 headshots from any gun in rust without having to heal first, except maybe an eoka. 3 headshots with an AK is pretty ridiculous (and that’s if they don’t pop a few syringes or heal up in between). Especially when a face mask is just a metal plate strapped to your head with some leather.