PVP but no raiding servers?

Hey there,

Looking for servers where PVP is allowed but Raiding is not.

I love this game but it’s a bit too hardcore for me. I’m a semi-casual player
and I don’t mind dying, but dying and also having my base raided is too much for me.

So…any non-raiding PVP servers out there?

I expect I’ll be flamed. Flamers can expect to be ignored.

Thanks all.

not yet but if you give the game a break that may be a type of server which appears

Just find a server where there’s no c4?

Both good ideas…thanks.

I know there’s no official way to have a non-raiding server, but I’m hoping to find one where raiding is discouraged or is a ban-able offense. I’m just not hardcore enough!

The no c4 PvP server is exactly what you’re looking for. Search the servers sub-forum, there’s quite a few like this.