PvP Discouragement, More PvE (With Bloodthirsty Beasts!)

I don’t have the clearest idea of what the future monsters will be in Rust, but I imagine they’ll be something like Chernobyl-style irradiated creatures.
Whatever they are, they should serve a gameplay purpose by encouraging more PvE.

Here’s how they should work:

Bloodthirst - The creatures should have a chance to spawn nearby when a player gets injured or killed, eventually closing in on the corpse and devouring it. Does not affect killed sleepers.
Night Spawn - The spawn chance is increased if players are killed at night, making night time PvP truly disturbing.
Sounds - The louder the weapon, the better chance more dangerous ones appear. The longer duration a wounded player screams, the more imminent a creature might spawn.
Combat - A bit faster and more resistant than bears, while also giving off radiation.
Loot - Radiated flesh, leather, bones. (Nothing worth farming)

One can imagine how the practicality of killing players will be less justified, we might just see a little more cooperation in game.

garry has stated numerous times that the team hates any mechanic that punishes the player for acting how they want

personally i find friendships and allegiances are more meaningful when pvp is the norm

i like the idea of screaming attracting animals a lot though

i like the way rust is right now, i just need animals to get resources like leather, fat, and meat… players are more usefull in all ways. i play solo because i as betrayed in the past and now i just form groups after long chat time. and when is done, is good. But i don’t have problems to be alone wolf amount all this mess ant bases to smash and obliterate from rust earth xD

I wouldn’t consider is punishment as more as it’s a means to reduce the ease of killing others. If more PvE is added then obviously players will have to work together. Garry and his team have built a game with all the reward and incentive to kill others and almost no reason to work together, then claim it’s just how people play it. I’ve never played a survival with so much emphasis on KoS mechanics, I don’t think it’s as enjoyable.

wyerd, i see lot of 10+ players working together. all i spotted and try to horrify alone… sometimes i can do a really amazing mess. and, i don’t believe this game have chances to get unreal monsters or artifitial mechanics to be friendly with cassual and noob players. I know what i saying i play solo for close my 500 hours of game and i still loving this since this came to steam. i just need a better build system again, is to easy raid a base right now it get me little bored.

Intense PvP action also forces players to work together.

I don’t think you’re accounting enough for how much more powerful groups can be than individuals. Sure you can get 1v5’s and come out on top, but if all you’re ever doing is fighting groups of 5 to 10 as a solo player, you’re going to lose more than you win pretty quickly.

Take for example, EVE online. The PvE is meaningless, boring, and most players avoid it as best they can by taking as efficient of a route as they can to make isk (money).

Yet the PvP content has created allegiances of MASSIVE numbers of players. Some players do group together to PvE, but the vast majority of players group together because of PvP. Not just to PvP with a larger group, but also to get protection from a larger group to even be able to PvE.

The metagame is still in its very early stages. Clans are forming but they’re very loose as of yet. I’m not sure that a clan mechanic will (or should) ever be added to the main servers, but it exists on some modded servers. It’s quite interesting to watch the metagame evolve, to be honest.

I think what you’re trying to say is that you want a new type of creature put into the game which is more dangerous than say a wolf, not as dangerous as current bears, and not worth killing for resources, correct? And the purpose of which is to provide a more challenging PvE environment, in hopes this will decrease PvP content?

The way I see it, the difficulty for a single entity in the game currently goes thusly: Helicopter > Bear(if you aren’t using bolty/semi auto rifle) > player > wolf. Players in groups are of course more dangerous on average than an individual.

Helicopters do provide a PvE challenge which makes players come together for the most part. But I think, as the others have said, that it’ll force the players into playing a certain way. Instead of the sandbox game we have, which has players trying to PvE and players trying to PvP, it’s pretty much just “Defend against Radanimals.” The point was to force players to cooperate against these entities.

I like the idea of new entities the way you described them. I don’t like the idea of them being so numerous as to change the gameplay style drastically. A few of them would be awesome, too many would be gamebreaking.

That’s why I describe the mechanic as only a chance of them showing up during fire fight. Like how in zombie survivals sandboxes, excessive fighting is discouraged by the danger of gaining the attention of zombies.
I do agree any other PvE entities will help shift the challenge of the game from PvP. Trust me I love making a lot of enemies, I just don’t recall people being so trigger-happy in the old Rust.
I think other things factor into it like how the maps are too large, you don’t know where anyone lives so anonymous killing goes up.

I am fully in favor of doing a MASSIVE reword to PvE. Animals, diseases, natural death traps like quicksand, pit falls, thorny plants or carnivorous plants, radiation, SEVERE weather, starvation, climate, and poison all need to be a thing.

On the subject of PvP I think as long as PvE is MORE of a threat, it should stay as it is currently.

Well, trigger-happy hudsahudsahusadhu
is surviver game any danger is a danger and need be countered, if you don’t trust some one kill then. i don’t do i one time and be murdered by a stone

i think some kinda PvE threat should be in besides Animals and Retarded Choopers

EVE Online is a bit of a bad example in comparison to Rust, because E:O requires one to basically dedicate their life to the game, if they wish to get any sort of enjoyment out of the game.

I used to run a political mercenary outfit years ago, back when I still played, and we were regularly hired to hijack, steal from, and even enact suicide runs into protected sectors in order to destabilize other factions that had gotten big enough to think themselves safe, and what we did was considered barely playing the game. To clarify, these were missions that took days, weeks, sometimes even ‘months’ of planning, depending on the clandestine aspects of our contracts. Had to stop, because the game was literally eating away my life.

Think of it this way: in Rust PvP, there are no real risks, as there are regular wipes, and resources/buildings can be brought back to normal within a day by even a single person with a few hours to spare every day. In E:O, all it takes is one fuck-up, and you and your entire faction can be wiped from the history books with no reputation left, and barely an ISK to your name. It is a literal example of the bigger you are, the harder you fall philosophy, to the point where people have lost literally millions of actual USD in the game.