PVP filter

ok i understand that this game is a survival. but there needs to be something done when someone starts a new server. because spawning in and being killed is ridiculous. there needs to be some sort of window of time or based on distance traveled or something where naked’s just starting should have time to be safe to just get started on trying to survive. OR you need to put a pvp toggle into the game or even a filter in the server list. cause honestly i cant stand playing this game with the amount of trolls out there.

sigh… carebears like you are going to ruin this game.

Find a pve server and you can all get together and hug each other.

Find a pve server or learn not to run down the middle of the roads and fields.

Here you can filter servers.

You may want to find a low pop server to learn the start of the game and get your bearings.
If you’re playing on the official servers then you’ll have an especially difficult time getting started.

So many people who cant play a fukin game without having their hand held.

In their defense, this particular game is pretty harsh on newcomers. :wink:

Or just start your own terrible server where you change the rules to fit your agenda and bad play style!

*Overly Wide Smile Sarcastically Drawn Across My Face ! *