PvP, Hardcore Realism, New player Protection, Realism++

PvP, Hardcore Realism, New player Protection, Realism++


PVP New player Protection for 2 hours
/vote. Gun ammo and Supply Signal -www.toprustservers.com/server/11574
/Remove this well take down parts of your base and put it in your back pack.
Welcome kits
Door share
Instant Craft
Anti-cheat software

More info
Sleepers disabled
Air drops with Air drop cords
/list (player list)
We use jail,
/Pm talk in private


No Hacking ; This one is pretty self explanatory. Everybody likes to be the winner, but there always has to be a loser. Losing isn't all bad; it just makes your next win that much sweeter. Don't hack and rob people of their legitimate loss. Beat them fair and square!

No Advertising ; We work hard for our server so please do not come into our server and post any info about other servers. 

No Suicide/Unraidable Bases ; Anyone who's played RUST a long time have built these for fun. 

No Haccusations in General Chat ; No one likes hackers and simply hearing about one on the server you're on can ruin your experience. We investigate all haccusations and ask that you contact EG Admin.

Avoid Racism/Politics ; We all like our own fat head in the big house, and we all have a black friend. Try to avoid hateful racism and discussions about what's going on in the next election.

Avoid Exploits ; We all know this game is in under development. Try to avoid using any exploits.

Respect ever one!

Do not threaten players with a ban or any sort!

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two. You can use your first thread that i left unlocked when you get unbanned" - postal))