PVP problem

As every one must have noticed, there is a problem with the game wide mentality of “that is an other player there for i must bash his brains in with my hatchet”
No one likes to get killed for no reason, so would seem to me like a problem.
Maybe if the hatchet did way less damage and you would need to actually gather resources to get a usable weapon there would be more surviving and building and less useless pvp and barricade spamming.

Actually sounds like a good idea having the hatched do less damage. I approve!

This May or May not be a good idea… but what if the hatchet did more damage to zombies and less damage to players?

Just a thought.

What if you had the craft the hatchet and instead of just spawning with it, you start out with your bare hands.

First of all, there is a reason to kill anyone you see since everyone starts with a few items of value and could potentially carry something rare that they looted. People who looted enough should be smart enough to avoid combat, whereas recently spawned people don’t have much to loose, besides time.
Using a melee weapon should be powerful, since you aren’t sniping someone witout risk, you are right where the opponent can strike you back.
On the other hand, being more focused on combat should reward the user more, so proper hit detection would be nice, so a careful player would strike the opponent in the head, rather than spam-swing in hopes of his hits registering.

that wouldnt work cause dayz like that with guns and people pvp. solution is to make zombies harder an lots of them. adding roaming hordes going from 1 side of map to the other. and more wood piles so people build and not bandit

Or you could carry a m4 with all the attachments on it, enough ammo to kill an elephant, and wear kevlar instead of avoiding combat.

How would you gather the resources to craft that hatchet?

No, I agree with the OP. If the hatchet did waaaay less damage, like instead of 3 hits it took 12 or 15 it would be a completely different story. Also regardless if it can do more damage to zombies or not cause we can adapt. If it takes an eternity to kill zombies with the hatchet than you avoid them like the plague at the start and then once you have a better weapon.
For example, what if you started with another weapon, a saw and a hammer. The hammer would do lots of damage to rocks and so on and the saw would be great for wood but damage to players and zombies would be minimal. Then you could craft a hatchet and so on.

However, this is all adding work to the dev team and while some of them are good fixes and might work I’d rather they implement a quick fix right now which would be a good compromise and might help alleviate the issue of slaughtering newbies. So please please reduce the damage done by the hatchet

That equipment should be a lot harder to get, bullets hould be more expensive, so you wouldn’t waste ammo on some fresh spawn, unless he ignored the fact that you are armed to the teeth and tried attacking you, in this situation, a fresh spawn is no better than a zombie.

Nerf hatchet dmg against players. They are useless enough already against zombies. :v:

If hatchet gets removed from the starting gear and we will have to craft one, that’s gonna give KOSers even more advantage…

Well you could get a pile of sticks and bits of stone to craft a make-shift hatchet. Then with that you can get the materials to get a proper hatchet.

What if, you spawn with a hammer for rocks and a saw/axe for wood.
Both doing low damage, using both of them to get resources and maybe be able to craft a spear with something like 10 wood an 2 metal.

Also more wood piles on open terrain so that players have more incentive to build, not slay.

I want to have boots that make your footsteps silent at the cost of no protection, and a crafting recipe to make a military knife.

Then I would say fuck guns.

No ninja boots :confused:
That would get me more paranoid.

I don’t know about nerfing the hatchet but the armor could certainly use a buff. Perhaps its because I haven’t gotten a full kevlar set yet but from what I’ve experienced the difference in damage reduction is negligible between cloth and leather.

Compound this with the time it takes to forge leather armor and its pretty much only useful for keeping you warm at night.

To that end I think it would be nice to have a Kevlar vest be a separate chest piece that only improved bullet resistance or have a way to combine it with the leather armor to make the leather armor have more bullet resistance.

Comparing the stats as they are right now leather armor has the exact same bullet resistance as Kevlar does. Explain that shit.

Trust you to want that, cause at the moment people are enough like tweekers :rolleyes:

No, no fucking starting with your bare hands.

Anyone who has a hatchet will keep fucking killing you.

The reason for this is Map Size =/= Decent player count for the map. I run into people all the Goddamn time, more than once. I walk by people’s buildings, and they just put a fucking bullet into my skull.

This isn’t a survival game. It’s gather resources to PvP better which is bullshit. I’m done with the game until the KOSing calms down. A week or so ago, I had people making teams left and right, defending and helping eachother and fending off bandits and zombies. That’s how it should be played. Not deathmatch with zombies thrown in the mix.

I’m okay with PvP, KOS assholes who shoot/hatchet you to death the second they see you move piss me off. And that’s pretty much everyone.