PvP / PvE solution.

As an admin I see everyday comments like “I was just harvesting wtf you killed me for”

Well, a solution is available. A simple flag. Players could toggle if you were covert or overt. To prevent cheating there’s a cooldown of 5 minutes going from overt to covert.

Being covert meant no one can kill you, and you can kill no one. However, if you did kill someone/equip C4 etc, then you auto go overt.

Solution? Would it work?

there is an oxide mod for that I think…

garry want a game with freedom.

When you in pool with sharks, why would you say: I was just swimming here, wtf you bite my leg for? :slight_smile:

You need to explain to your players, that they on PVP server?

This is just restricting the possibility’s of what the game can do


Even has the cooldown timer you want

Nah flag pvp doesn’t work, tried it on a pve server. The biggest problem is people would disable pvp then raid your house. Which ultimately led to nothing since no one ever turned pvp back on again.

If PvE is something truly desired, the only way to make that worthwhile is to add an NPC that is actually challenging to kill.

Well thanks for the dumb and disagree votes guys. Appreciate it.

You can please some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time but not all the people all the time.

I think this is something the game needs. I’m out of here.

I have tried that with a plugin which is not upgraded since oxide 1.16.Created safezones,so those who wanna live in a protected area will not get killed or raided in that zone.However,since the last update of Oxide.That thing is not working

So you can be covert (no one can kill you) tell you kill someone… dont even need to explain anymore too see you have not thought this through. Its possible a system like this might work one day but this is no were close lol

I’ll make it clear, you cannot kill until overt.

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This is totally different. I’m not talking about PvP zones.

Let me step through this…

So you start out covert, right?
If everyone is covert until they kill someone, but you can’t kill anyone who is covert… who would you kill?

I am using the OptionalPvP on my own PVE server. The server needs to be set at pvp in the server config, the plugin will make sure it acts as pve. Damaging a structure you do not own, or damaging a player flagged for pvp, automatically turns on your own pvp. So you either misread the plugin information or didn’t read it at all…