[PvP/Rare Mil Drops/NoLAG] eXitiumGaming.com



If you like to play friendly, or not so friendly. :smiley:

Server Name : Multiplay :: [PvP/Rare Mil Drops/NoLAG] eXitiumGaming.com
Server Mod : OXIDE
Server Location : Chicago
Server IP : You can use “net.connect” in console (F1) to connect to server.
Slots: 100
**SERVER WAS WIPED ON - 2/5/2014 ***

Death Messages : Shows who killed who!
Private Messaging:* /pm to send /re to reply.*
Chat History: /history shows last 20 messages (even when just joining server)
FixedNameMod: No color code names etc.
**Game Time: **/time shows in game time.
**Grass Off: *Reduces lag! Server runs very smooth.
LootSpawnLists: Currently using the infamous rusted hatchet lists. *
Ranking System:

Bank/Money/Bounty System: Coming soon!
**Sleepers: **Allows you to sleep in the server. Make sure you don’t sleep on the road!
**Half Craft: ** Allows you to craft x2 the default.