PvP: Role Play


You must be thinking: “Oh great another dark RP.”

You are wrong.

I have spent about 3 days on this SO FAR.

Here is what it looks like:

This is not even close to complete.

Some features:
Leveling system
Health bar
Safe Zones
Spawn protection
Custom Sweps

How leveling works:
weapon_pistol // Level 3
weapon_crossbow, // Level 4
weapon_shotgun // Level 5
weapon_smg1 // Level 6
weapon_frag // Level 7
weapon_ar2 // Level 8
weapon_357 // Level 9
weapon_rpg // Level 10

More to come later, sorry for lack of info.
Leave me some suggestions please.

3 days…

Not much to be honest…

It looks like you put more effort into the banner then the gamemode itself.

I also have school, etc.
I have a total of 5 hours into it, but worked over 3 days.

There’s this bad trend of people posting little to no content with the excuse that they’ve ‘just started working on it’ or they don’t have ‘much time to get a lot of it finished.’ Well then buckos don’t you think it might be a swell idea to wait until you have more content before you try creating an entire thread devoted to your project?

and the ‘sorry for lack of information, more to come later…’ again, all the more reason to wait until creating a thread…

So how is it Role Play, and PVP? I mean obviously there is PVP in all role play gamemodes but how are the two combined in your gamemode?


Good job, you’re supposed to rehost it.

Might have been a better idea to wait until you at least have some more content to post a thread about this.

Even if you posted this (Which you shouldn’t have) you should’ve said that instead of 3 days. 5 hours and 3 days are not the same thing…
Barely any content, prepare for the storm of posts and dumb ratings.

This not about what some random ass person rates my thread.
I simply put its a WIP. If you don’t fucking like it then don’t join the conversation.
I don’t want to waste valuable space for people who have actual input on the game mode instead of ranting about how I don’t have enough content, when it clearly says WIP, so you should expect not much content if I only spent 5 hours on it. Not to mention this is my first game mode. I am using a lot of trial/error since I usually work with client sided Lua.

There is NOTHING to input on -.-

what kinda world you live in where people are meant to cope with your lack of effort.

i’ll give you some input: put some effort on what you show.

This is very demanding for a first gamemode. Are you sure you thought this all through? How will some of your features work? I see one of the features is ‘custom SWEPs’ but if thats the case then why do you get the hl2 weapons as you level up. How will somebody kill anything if there is no weapon for 1-3. Spawn protection or health bars aren’t “features.” Stuff like safe-zones are features but how will you set that up. Is it a point, or a brush entity? If the map changes will your gamemode adapt to another map or do you need maps made for it? Just try sitting down and thinking how everything will tie in to one another. You also have no appealing factor right now. It actually makes it seem like a Deathmatch. All in all its really hard to mix the two role-playing and deathmatching genres together

My gamemode will work on any map, you just need to change up some cords.
You spawn with a crowbar. you need to get a few kills with it before leveling up to a level with weapons.
The standard weapons are just for not until I complete the gaemmode itself.
I will be adding classes that allow for faster running, higher jumps, etc.

Although I don’t necessarily disagree with 90% of the people on this thread who say that you should have waited a bit longer before posting it… I get WHY you’re posting about it. At least I believe I do.

  1. You want ideas.
  2. You want methods to make your ideas work.
  3. You are basically presenting to us a base game mode with some client side stuff to make it a tiny bit prettier. The thing, though, is that most people get beyond where you are and then they notice how much REALLY needs to go into it and they scrap the project. Look at Clockwork or Tiramisu or EVEN DarkRP and notice how much effort really went into those game modes.

If making these things were easy, everyone would be doing it. I can get to the point where I have MySQL, Inventory, a nice menu and HUD, some cool as shit stuff mixed in… But anything to do with entities or items I just get lost with. I have no clue how to do it. I can make a working entity but mixing it into the code… Nope. Or items… I can’t figure it out.

Try ASKING for things that you want instead of telling us what you’re going to do. If you tell us what you’re GOING to do then nobody will care. If you ask us how to do stuff then we can help, which is what you seem to want. If you don’t want help then keep it to yourself until you finish it or need help.

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I have some pretty cool ideas. If you want me to help out, add me on steam (Inevitibility). I can help you with some server side stuff that you may be struggling with and I have a gamemode myself which I started a while ago and I’m still not very far in.

I’m open to helping you if you want it.

That leveling system is stolen from here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=70990. At least the HUD for it is, but if you stole the HUD I’m pretty sure you just stole the entire script.

Yes I used a script from a fellow user?
Whats your point? He is in my credits on my F1 menu.

Mhm, the F1 menu you haven’t shown you mean? I see no mention of him in this thread. Furthermore, I highly doubt you have his permission to use the script in your gamemode. Learn how to properly code before you decide to make a gamemode.

Is this a fucking joke?
Don’t put meat(Code) in a lion cage(Coding forum) because you damn well know they are going to eat(Use) it.
But really, I have not updated the thread yet simply because I don’t have much time to.

Judging from OP’s previous work I’m sure his gamemode will be turn out to be the same quality.


Best part is that most of it is stolen from the old Garry’s Mod wiki.

Also forgot to add that he is selling this masterpiece for $25 or something.

Welp, OP has some explaining to do, if this truly is stolen and not his own work.