PVP|Safe Zone/Barter Town|Sleepers|Cheat Punch| Wiped (02/17/2014)

New Server Reset as of today (02/17/2014)

This is a pretty standard server aside from a small town that is a safe zone.

Town Features
General Store
Safe Storage
Player Shops

You can’t do or take damage while in the town, C4 will have no effect on the buildings within the town.

Server is slowly growing, would like for others to join us, we also have a mumble server, and are willing to set up private channels for groups of people playing together in clans and such.




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We’ve also added a steam group to help keep players informed, and to make sure communicating with an admin is easier


up up and away

Still here

We need more people! We’re all pretty friendly and wouldn’t mind some more adversity.