PVP system idea+Story

Ok, so a while ago I was running through the woods minding my own business, when suddenly I saw 2 guys, one running from another, both of them with rocks… Because the chaser was yelling" wait, friendly" I decided to go and help the guy that was being chased, when suddenly the chaser stopped and started saying that he was gonna drop some stuff for him there, some bandages and food and that he was gonna leave them there, that’s when I thought “oh ok, apparently he IS friendly” so I decided to keep getting some woods so I started walking the other way, and that’s when I thought “wait… if they are both friendly we could make a team” so I went back to them, when I finally got there, I saw the chaser standing besides the body of the other guy, weird, huh?, anyway, as soon as the other guy noticed me he started saying “Hey! I’m friendly :smiley: I’ll give you stuff” ofc with the dead body at his feet… like really, so I just stared at him and started walking the other way once again. So… This made think and gave me some ideas for a pvp system (kinda)

tl;dr random “friendly” guy killed another guy, then told me he was friendly

So my idea is this, it’s kinda like in DayZ, kinda but with some twists, lets see. Everything is a visual effect.

  1. Every player will start as a neutral player no differences between them.
  2. After killing 10 neutral players, you become a psycho, your head twitches whenever you are just standing. (Only noticeable when standing) (Thought of this when I saw the “friendly” guy standing near the other guy’s body lol)
  3. After killing 20 neutral players, you become a sadistic, your head still twitches and now your face is covered in blood. (Somehow noticeable when near the other person)
  4. After killing 30 neutral players, you become a serial killer, your head still twitches and now face and body are covered in blood (very noticeable)
  5. After killing 50 neutral player, you become an assasssin, your head doesn’t twitch anymore, and you are clean from the blood, BUT your body gets a big scar or a tattoo (random), which is VERY noticeable, BUT can be hidden IF you are using clothes.
  6. After kiling 10 neutral players, there’s no coming back, you can’t become a neutral player again.
  7. After becoming a “bad guy” whenever you spawn you’ll spawn with a decreased hunger bar, because you killed people and even if you deny it you have nightmares about it which make you more tired, ALSO you kill people, please, you probably have endless food… from the loot
  8. Killing a non-neutral player won’t make you get into the “progress” of becoming a bad guy, because it was in self-defense

Now I was mostly thinking IF this game gets races or something we could make the final level different like asian people would get a yakuza-like tattoo all over their body, and american people scars everywhere, ofc this is just a random idea, could be different.

I came up with all of this because people just yells “friendly” and when you think they are friendly because they have a rock and are naked (just like you) you actually believe them, when suddenly they pull out a M4 and shoot you, just because they wanted that rare and hard to get rock… with this

What do you think about this? Ideas? Should I change something?

I like this idea and I would say take it one step further and do it more like DayZ Origins where you have different levels of bandit/hero and as you progress through those you get better building options depending on which way you go.

I do think that we need some kind of system to be able to identify the “Fake” Friendlies from the real. I just ended up not trusting anyone which is not really what I’m after. I want to talk to other peeps and be able to team up with random players to fight for survival.

The head twitching and blood-stained body seems a little so-so. The blood can be covered with clothes or made harder to see. The head twitching if its only noticeable when standing still the bad guy just keeps moving or do the friendly dance. Nice idea but my PERSONAL opinion is that its all over thought of. Making it way to complicated for something that should be easy and simple.

Also killing a bad guy should give you a +1 status.

A really interesting idea that you mentioned is that buildings could change depending on your status (Together with player skin/textures ) So Bad guys could have more shabby built walls with a darker tone while good guys could have a more brighter more tidy parts . Imagine lots of bad guys building houses close to each other and making dark and grim towns .

Definitely needs a system to tell bandits. But the twitching just sounds awful.

This rank names, make it sound like a realism role play.

That ranking system is very similar to the one in WarZ. Even to go so far as to say when you push your ‘rank’ too far in either direction you can’t go back.

I totally hate this idea.

There is a reason why DayZ SA wont have this type of system.

We dont need bandit tags, we need more tools ingame to create communities.

You got me there

What if we kill assholes in self defence? Do we get de-buffs just because of that, then?

Killing an asshole with a bad rep? or just because they’re being an asshole? Life is simply too cheap at the moment and there isn’t a penalty associated with it other than losing your stuff. With quite a lot of players not having much or having it all taken when they just get somewhere breeds those assholes.

I would like some sort of friendly reputation system as well.