PvP Tournament

-I will be holding a PvP tournament on my server Saturday 3/1. The style will be King of the Hill participants have the remainder of the week to gather, raid, steal, and build any weapons and armor they wish to use in the fight.
-The “Hill” will be a wooden platform 3 stories tall in the Coast Mountains (refer to the download section of our website to get an accurate map). The person (or group) that is alive on the very top of the platform after 1 hour of starting will be the winner.
-The prize for the tournament will be what I have dubbed “The Asshole Kit” (Items listed down below)
-The rules are simple kill everything in sight and win at all costs. Any hackers will be banned from the server, I know an aimbot when I see one.
-Starts at 7 central time.

**The Asshole Kit **

-Full Kevlar (for your protection needs)
-M4 (For when you need the most op weapon)
-250 556 rounds (for your op m4)
-6 C4 Charges (for generally being an asshole)
-P250 (For when your M4 runs out of ammo)
-250 9mm rounds (obvious)
-5 F1 Grenades (for your general asshole needs)



Hells ya Akira me and Flex got some ideas for things we can do as well we will get them hashed out and post on the server website www.pcgamercentral.com

I’ll be there!

Any true asshole kit must contain grenades. Grenades are the ultimate way to be a dick. Tossing in windows of houses killing people, sticking at the feet of fresh spawns right after dropping some chicken for them, etc.

Lol i didn’t even think of how much of an asshole you could be with grenades…i’ll add 5 of those to the kit!!!