|PvP|UK|Sleepers|NoAdminAbuse| 20/01/2014|Vanilla|IP:|

Hey all

I decided to rent my own server due to hackers / admin abuse / lack of admins.
So many servers i have been on have had random hackers / abusers that are left to ruin a great game.

50 slot server
Zero tolerance to hackers / abusers (Any admin reported for abusing with proof will be banned.)
Completely Vanilla. Play the game as it should be.
Airdrops at 20 players minimum
No events, VANILLA :smiley:

The server is brand new, so c4 should be rare for a few more days at least.

Hope to see people online

To join the server, press F1 and type:


and then enter.

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BUMP - 15-20 active players daily.