PW: Fallout 4 RP (Serious RP)

Hello FacePunch!

I’d like to start off by apologising for any grief I may have caused in the past. Putting all that aside, I agreed to create a gamemode for a community that hired me not too long ago.

I bring you another Schema I created exclusively for a Community. As this was a paid job, I have no intentions of releasing it public.
I moved away from MMO-RPG’s as they seem to require a lot of dedication to create, maintain, improve, etc.

This was exclusively created for the Community:

I decided to make a serious RP (very generic I know) using my framework and see how the final product comes out to be. The RP is similar to that of most Clockwork schemas, however, it does have some special features to spice it up a little more such as Power Armor. This is an early version so there may be more to come (if the owner decides they want more of course).



It was such a pain to do the Pip-Boy Mk 4. I didn’t use any 3D2D libraries, but instead made my own. With some maths I was able to make a simple enough library that allowed: Buttons, looping of tables, scrollbars, etc.

Framework + Schema: (me)
Models + Textures: Johnny Guitar + Dusty
Power Armor Ports: Nindzya Nyub/Ninja
Other models: Steam Workshop users (You can find them by searching ‘Fallout 4’ on the workshop)

**Community Owner: **

Heh i went into this thread for a good laugh because i was expecting bad reskins and some lame DarkRP jerkoff but this actually looks solid, might hop on later

Thanks I really appreciate it. Apart from fixing a few bugs, everything seems good. Should be public within a few days.

in my opinion you’ve done a good job, here’s some C&C that’s meant to be constructive.[/T]

for this image, the head is too low, there also isn’t any body… I’d raise the head up, affix a body and use a brighter background, but that being said blur the background. I recommend you use a 1920x1080 image for the background then blur it ingame using the pp/blurscreen shader to make sure that it’s fairly consistent.

If I still had the source for lazarus I’d give you the code for attaching a body and making it not look like ass but sadly I can’t do that as I don’t have the code.


This menu seems kinda lazy, I think putting the name up on the menu twice and the caps is kind of arbitrary as can be. It also looks really misaligned. This menu is likely one of the first things people will see so it should be as accurate as possible and look as good as possible. I also suggest using a different background, possibly an animated one similar to the game using an HTML panel. It just needs to look better in some way.


One of the better menus but everything seems too floaty on it, I like the compass. Also the item names should never be the entity name or whatever, it should rather just be a print name.


Modifiable power armor is really cool, but again the UI is bad and makes it hard to understand what is going on, try thinning the scrollbars, reducing the padding between the elements and make the text more readable. Honestly you picked the worst way to show off this feature, you should’ve shown off the different armor variations achievable, etc.

This is actually really well done, I’d improve the font rendering a bit by adding some drop shadowing but even then, well fucking done.


First thing, upper left corner. The notification is extremely mechanical, I really think it should be more readable, nor do I think going to first/third person should be a thing that needs a notification.

Second, ammo counter in this shot in particular and the rest of the shots look pretty awful, it needs to be redone.

Third, whatever map you’re using has awful, awful, awful lighting. It also has incorrect specularity due to cubemaps not being built. Infact I HIGHLY recommend you revise all of your materials.

Map is also way too dark.


Blur the screen, half the opacity on the texture being drawn and this is pretty much all I’d say it needs.


This chatbox is unbearable to look at, it’s an orgasm of color. Then again I have emojis in the chatbox I’m writing soooo I can’t judge too harshly.

I think you’ve done a good job, I just think you need to do some polishing.

Pretty amazing gamemode man :slight_smile: can’t wait for the server to be up.