[release][tab]Name:[/tab] pw_docks_v2

[tab]Version:[/tab] v2

[tab]Description:[/tab] New version!Much better as the old!

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] PSW Gamemode (or no ships) CS:s (props,materials)

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

So v2 is out.
It’s much better as v1.
You need CS:S for some props and PSW Gamemode.(You must run the gamemode for the ships)
I hope you like it,please rate.

New:It has 4 breakable walls (500 Health and 300),a realistic door,more details,props,materials and no default texture more.
I think this map is better as my old.

I hope this map will played on some servers cause only 3 maps for psw (with mine map)

Looks like you completed my long abandoned idea :slight_smile: (Mine had whole islands though) But hey, Still looks great. Might want to turn off fullbright though.

I don’t how sorry but in v3 sure.
And rate please if you got it.

It’s not fullbright :downs:

NO SHADOWS :downs:

EDIT: Oh wait, :downs: me there are.

there are some look at the pictures :slight_smile:
and rate :smiley:

Use water_dev1 it looks alot better.

okay but i make v3 later. :slight_smile:

Much better than te original. You can see how much difference a few models make and how much better your map looks now with proper lighting. I love the breakable walls though, great feature :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to a version 3 and more maps from you! Keep it up!



Hey guys.
Give some ideas.
I have some:i add some island,make the dock bigger (i did build a tower for 5 minutes).
Ideas welcome.

Hey, great work on this map VaaZu, this is a must download :slight_smile:

Good map :slight_smile:

Just i don’t like the displacement suddenly ending :confused:

yeah it’s hard.

Cool I didn’t know people were making custom maps for the game.

Added to the thread :wink:

I would make a map for this but i’m a lazy ass :dance:

Thank you guys.
In v3 i will make water_dev1,fix the displacements,bigger and much more ;).



Is the fort destructible?

Yes it is :smiley:

Link doesn’t work.

The download link is down, could somebody upload it?