"Pyramid Head, FUCK YEAH!" - Me

To be honest. I’m just having fun posing things like these…

I thought SHEF’ing it would look good.
So I did.

Good, very good.

Really? :open_mouth:

It actually aint that bad, I think the bloom’s way too intense though and he normally has his arm with the blade closer to the ground.

But otherwise it’s not bad.

Well his arm is lifting the blade, so thats why the blade isn’t touching the ground.

I think pyramidhead is one hell of a creep… Silent hill :ohdear:
Good picture, though.

Needs more of a silent hilly look, rust on the walls grates for floors all that shit.

a bit too clean for the characters.

I can pull that look off.



Now that’s a Silent Hill look!



Shotz so good you’ll came your pantz.


Check out my Pyramid. BAM!


Now that is what I call rubbing it in someone’s face.

It’s not bloom

notice the glowing black bits