Pyramid Head & Patient Demon [WIP]

Hello fellow facepunchers, today I want to show you guys something that me and some friends have been working on.

Credits to Raph and Barnz for helping me out some with ragdolls and such

Comments please? :smiley:

Well it looks better than the one around, textures are waaaay better and it looks less… blocky?

Looks nice.

Whoa, this is much better than the ones I’ve found.

Can’t wait to see a realese of this.

It’s like if Silent Hill 2 were made today. Great job, keep working on it.

Wonder if you can extract also Pyramide Head from Homecoming? I want Freeman having his own pyramide on 8P

Thank you all for the comments, I will post screens from mdl viewer later so you can see the back to :slight_smile:

SHH Pyramid Head was already ported.

Along with some other SHH ragdolls.

What? When? Where? I want them.

Someone linked me to them on mediafire.

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to re-upload them.

I don’t want it…


Good work man!! you can do but model of the shhc please ?

uhh, what?

I didn’t make those, someone linked me to them.
I just re-uploaded it for -Rusty-

Thank you guys for the comments I am glad you like it, well the Homecomming one is better I guess, do you still want me to release it? :o

Why not? :stuck_out_tongue: You can never have too many monsters ^^

YES! I need that patient D:!

patient is rad.

I love his SH2 style, so please keep it up!

I think this Pyramid Head looks better then the new one. He looks like a cross between new and old, and th original was awesome. Keep it up!


The Homecomming PH is crap compared to yours.

H4lf-D3ad’s skin makes it good, but yours.
It’s something new.


Would you happen to have a link to the map used in the first picture?
I can’t find anywhere :downs: