Pyramid Head & Patient Demon

Hello there it is time for me to release the Pyramid Head and Patient demon models, Now I would like to thank both Raph and Barnz for helping me along the way with some rigging and UV mapping. The ragdolls arn´t perfect but thats because of some of my mistakes when it comes to retopoly in Zbrush. But the models are quite good for posing and such. I hope you people will enjoy :smiley:

Raph and Barnz for various help :smiley:

You may reskin and modify the models and such but please contact me if you are going to release it :slight_smile:


Here is a fix for the pyramid heads texture and the .PHY file has been added so now it has a ragdoll


looks really good, but p.head’s cheesegrater helmet is far too bright.

Patient Demon woohoo!

Diggin dat hawt ass.

Pyramid’s…pyramid…is too brightly red. It was more of a dull, rusty red if I remember correctly. Always nice to see Silent Hill getting noticed 'round here, good work!

Yeah I guess you guys are right, I may upload a darker better texture later, not tonight tough :slight_smile:

YES! i saw this a few hours ago when i was at school and i couldn’t post without being caught :frowning:

Hope this sort of thing goes as far as fallout models :smiley:

Now lets see some mannequins!

Then i can start some sex poses :q:


Thanks for those amazing models! Patient is easy to pose.

But I think the pyramid_head has no phy file.


Nice you finaly release those awesome model ^^ (posting from school xD)

Yes! you are right, I forgotted the PHY Model! I have updated the main post with a fix for this and the red texture :slight_smile:

Awesome work as always!

Who is pyramid head?
Ill rate myself dumb…

Haha he is one of the coolest characters in the Silent Hill series if you ask me, well Valtiel is quite awesome too :slight_smile:

A monster showed first in Silent Hill 2.
He’s also in Silent Hill 5: Homecoming, as well as the movie, Silent Hill.
Pretty much, he’s a giant demon-person that carries around a huge sword, named The Great Knife.
He’s one of the coolest demons in Silent Hill.


Everytime i spawn Pyramid Head, game crashes. Never happened with other models. I installed your fix too. What the fuck? :crying: Patient works anyway. Cool shit. :slight_smile:

I got same problem, so I cannot spawn him.

Citizen hands?