Pyro and sniper defend the point

CnC please

Posing doesn’t seem that refined, and the expressions are blank and lifeless.

All in all, needs refinement.

How did that spy get up… and stabbed with… which stuck on wall… :psyduck:

No really, what.

Well the blue team are dead, Apart from the spy, He is faceposed

didn’t capture the snipers facepose though…


I dunno, Jumped away and got stabbed by sniper?

Also, try fingerposing.

I tried, Seems tf2 models cant put their thumbs up…

Some of them.

spy, pyro, scout, medic and snipe cant

I haven’t looked at the others

of course they can

wtf is this shit

The posing is mediorce but having said this the armatures are a pain to position resulting in crazy-ass ragdolls and stretched out mesh-models.