Pyro clearing the point

I don’t like the editing, the posing is really good, and the camera angle is badass.

Yeah, the flames look really unfitting.

Posing in general is wonky, and the flames are neat but unfitting. Angle is cool though.

I’m poser bliblix and this is my favorite picture of the Facepunch.
I like the posing and I like the flames, I find them fitting pretty well.

Nice posing, flames could be better.

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Hello Deathbucket, how is it to be the most hated guy on FP?

I thought that was you considering how egotistical you are.

I like where this is going. :golfclap:

You seem to use that word pretty often (well, all of the posts in response to mine), let me quote the definition of “egotistical” :

So, sorry hunter for derailing your thread but I’m tired of that 12 years old dumbfuck, explain how I am supposed to be “egotistical”? I’d be surprised to know why you keep using this word on me.

Well if not Egotistical You’re a bit of an attention whore, considering you didn’t HAVE to post that one thread that got you permabanned which changed jack shit.

Whale Biologist Calling it how I see it.


I previously had no knowledge regarding this. Interesting.

I posted this hoping for the mods to change the way they’re moderating the screenshots&movie section and/or to add new mods that are around often.
Apparently I failed, Deathbucket’s still around.

And I suggest we stop shitting on OP’s thread

Very interesting.

Posing is odd, the flame isn’t TF2-ish at all. I see lots of jpeg artifacts, too.

It’s also somehow uninsteresting.

I’ve seen you do better, hunter.

As others have said, the posing is good but the editing isn’t. The flames are not fitting, look off, and are just not good.

Pyro has a fog machine.