Pyro Designer

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :DD

Multiple Pyro Effects for Air and Ground Shows.
Best used with WireMod and Adv Duplicator 2.
Mortartube can get loaded by simple touching a Rack.

Console Commands:
pd_fragility 1 - Should the Pyro Ignite when taken Damage.
pd_autoremove 1 - Should the Pyro remove itself after being burnt out.
pd_easyuse 1 - Should the Pyro Ignite on use. (Press “E” on it)
pd_recoil 1 - Should the Pyro have a Physical Burst Force.
pd_autounfrezze 1 - Shoud the Pyro Unfrezze itself on Ignition.
pd_flammable 1 - Should the Pyro Ignite when set on fire.
pd_pyrometer_WinAmount 25 - The Amount of Points need to Trigger the Pyroball.


Look’s beautiful.

This looks really cool. Thanks for posting it!

Like fireworks mod but better lol