Pyro Dude migrates south for the winter.

Just a quickie.

Haha, oh man.

You win.

That’s an original use for the new hats. Nice

This picture is win.


Just pure hilarious randomness. Woulda lolled if i wasn’t so toughened and bittered by the intarwebz.

The neck looks a bit overextended, but then again, it’s probably because of the model and couldn’t be helped, and adds to the “birdiness”, anyways.





lol quite good.

Great pic, actually!
But, I think it may have looked better if he were flapping his entire arm, I dunno, that’s just me.

The rubber glove hat reminds me of Wallace & Gromit.
Nice pic :smiley:

Damn I miss that show.

Nicely done! :smiley:

Why is every picture broken for me?

Oh wow, never thought of that.

This is awsome!


People love me

That’s Seriously amazing