Pyro Exterminating A Wehrmacht Trooper.

He’s got a very small double barrel shotgun.

whoa dude cool


nice posing

Thanks Fira Cracka!!!


Pretty nice. Although I think Flaregun setting him ablaze would’ve been more awesome :v:



True, but, I also wanted to do something bloody:P

Why is there so little blood, a 12 gauge shotgun would make you into fucking MINCEMEAT at that range, seriously.

looks real good dude, love the blood spatter

Is that Pyro using the FaN?


It’s pretty good. But something about the blood seems off. I can’t really tell what it is, though.

That’s sure is awesome.
Great blood right there.

Thanks guys!

Can I have the stock image of the blood?

I custom make my blood with the normal Photoshop Brushes.

Nice muzzle flash. The blood doesn’t look right (To me).

I think it’s a tad dark myself.

Good thing it isn’t a 12 gauge then.

Could have been using slugs.

Or maybe it’s not 12 gauge.