Pyro plays with Fluttershy and her friends

(User was banned for this post ("Troll thread" - verynicelady))

Oh for fucks sake.

Get out

Looks like you forgot to switch back to full screen.

looks like he forgot it close garry’s mod and turn off his pc and never use it again

Please never post again.

Saw title, instant dumb rate.

Saw picture, got cancer.

Guys I think he obviously trolls you. Like seriously who ever takes pictures by Printscreen?

He’s using puush. Apparently he is also using Windows 8.

Did you take that with print screen? There’s a camera tool for taking pictures in gmod.

op is obvious idiot/troll just ignore him

I think you are all being Very rude with your dark commentary; I have put my heart and soul in the MAKING OF this picture. It kills my Inspiration when I see bad comments because it gives me Stress, and that gives me Prickly-Wricklies. So if you Have nothing to Say, KEEP YOUR MOUTHS ZIPPED SHUT, YOU DIRTY, DASTARDLY, No-good-doing TROLLS!!!

Have you ever considered suicide?

Confirmed troll, report and move on everyone.

chris chan detected

what’s the point of all those horribly injured
ponies? give 'em a hug instead of an axe.
well i don’t care but taking a screenshot in
window mode!?