Pyro ponders life.

Basically just me testing out some tf2 ragdolls which aren’t all buggy, but feedback appreciated all the same.

Fixed tf2 ragdolls found here:

Simple DOF imo doesn’t look all that good.

Yeah, I tried not to use too much but I’ll use less/none in the future. :slight_smile:

Usually no but if you know how to use it it can look good in some pictures

You stole my idea!

Dude you should atleast give me credit! :argh:

I posted mine weeks before yours!

The pyro do pwnder life :stuck_out_tongue:

No he didn’t, get out. the world doesn’t revolve around your bollocks.


Dude he even took the same position.

Nobody wants to copy your badly edited badly spelt Pictures

And yet someone wanted to copy yours. Quite odd.

My pictures are better than yours(this one sux)
But he stole my idea.

Haha, holy shit. I just pulled this outta my ass on the spot, I haven’t even heard of you. Ever.

There are also two spahs.

One’s behind the post, the other next to the barrel.

Seriously, your pictures are REALLY bad, you filter rape, badly pose, and always ALWAYS top it off with MSN Speak, or in your language:


(Not flaming just seriously, he needs to learn english badddd)

I do not think he stole your idea. In this, Deathbucket is correct. You can’t just accuse people of stealing your idea.

Uh… since when

You can just give him more crit more then saying OMG POSE SUCKS LOL, FILTER RAPE OMG MY EYES

Okay my bad.
He didnt stole my idea I overacted.
We talked about it per PM.
Sorry for trolling around here :angel:

We did no such thing.

Lol I dont mean you.
I talked with Elstumpo

I dont get it why you are always saying im such a faggot/troll/ass…
Why are you saying all my poses/edits suck?

I wonder what’s going on…


Anyway, good angle and overally looks nice.