Pyro Pose

Just a quick pose i did for testing ingame editing.Please comment.(also,what does c&c mean)

Posing looks off in places. Also, way to blurry.

Thanks for your opinion :smiley:

You put the DoF way too high, and the fingerposing on the Pyro’s right hand is rather bad (if there even is any) Posing is also wonky and stiff (especially on the Pyro’s left arm)

Protips - Don’t put your subject in the center of the screen, and don’t make the camera so close up. The “Rule of Thirds” dictates that, if your screen were split into thirds by vertical lines, you want your subject on top of one of the lines. Never in the center or edges (except in certain circumstances) Another tip is to move away from your subject and zoom the camera into them. It will seperate them more from the background, especially if you use DoF.