Pyro Punishing Spy

Translation: You shouldn’t make Engie cry, Spy. Play nicely or i’ll set you on fire again!

Spy: O-o-ok, i’ll be good…

This is good, the engie looks abit…weird though. Otherwise, very good posing/editing.

Faceposing and depth-of-field are good.

Engie’s sad because Spy broke his toys. That’s why Pyro’s telling Spy off.

I thought at first engie was like “AAAAAAAAAGH JUST KILL HIM PYRO”

Well, I lold, would make a nice spray


Maybe have the Engineer holding a bunch of scrap metal with a sapper sitting on it? I assume that’s what he’s crying about - his stuff being sapped.


Very nice but how is this a NSFW?

I liked it. I could imagine the Engineer in the background going, “BAWHUHUHUHUHAW… WHY? WHY?”

i hate it when people put words to screenshots

that’s actually pretty funny, the idea’s very original.