Pyro relaxing on a nice Dustbowl Evening. + Bonus

Pyros a women.

Bonus, because i spent an hour trying to make the driver run, and i epicly fail at it still.

it’s sonic the hedge hog

I’m the one who use the red samus skin on tf2 man :frowning:

The first one is okay… But the second one looks like an emotionless scout driving away from a zombie driver

Pyros a women? WHAT???

Didn’t know Pyro can clone him/herself…

kinda half generic aye?

You can very easily hear that the pyro is a man

It had potential… But then you bring this ‘‘Pyro is a woman’’ shit with an overused model. If you expect good stuff here you have to set yourself up for disappointment :smith:

Except for in the first five minutes of the spy update, the post on the blog read, "The Pyro’s ready, infact, she’s inconsolable right now.

I didnt know Samus can levitate.

She is in a zero suit :3

Zero gravity suit? :v:

Yep! :science:

Well, then it’s a woman with a mans voice… Suddenly I don’t like the pyro anymore

The mask distorts the voice maybe? Otherwise…Blech.

The pyro is a transexual tranny like Lady GaGa. End of.

Also, Scout’s hand is clipping in he bonus picture.

It was not female pyro it was red samus

Nice catch, didn’t notice that :3

…Really? Kinda the joke…don’t ya think?

The joke that is not that funny.

Pyro is not a woman!!!