Pyro tells scary story

Pyro’s story went something like this “Hudda hud hud huuuuda hud hurrpphhll”

I really like the halloween stuff.

I like it :slight_smile:

I love it :slight_smile: Looks really cool overall.

I don’t know whether to rate Artistic or Funny. D:

I love the last picture.

Until you look at heavy’s left shoulder.

This pose has a lot of flukes everywhere

Posing the shoulders is problematic with Superfrog’s physics.

Awesome posing like always, faceposing aswell. Heavy looks cute.

All of the pictures look great.
Just wondering though, what’s the axe and ‘monster’ model in the last frame? :v:

Here is a hint TF2 Update.

Lol nicely done.

I absolutely love the Heavy’s expression in the second panel. :v:

The faceposing is awesome. Love how you did the colors and glow.

Fingerposing and faceposing grade A.
Great job DT.

Thanks for the new steam avatar :v:

It sure is.

I love the posing on the pyro, especially in the last pic. =)

I love the first picture.

Made me laugh, that’s a really good job on the face posing

cool but HWM is overused.