Pyro Unmasked (model just needs to be ported)

Unlike previous requests, I’ve got a model that’s already available. This guy made a head for the Pyro based off the old valve concepts.

This guy already made the head model, it only has the two expressions, though-the serious face and the rapist face. I’d prefer that whoever ports it adds some proper faceposing, though…

Here’s a download to this model:

i was expecting the pyro to look more hispanic… this looks like french.
otherwise i really like the idea with a maskless pyro.

Look at that face, crazy motherfucker.

Just needs hexing.

And new face flexes.

He’s all, “Yay! Butterflies! LET’S SET THEM ON FIRE!!!”

And the fact that everyone knows the pyro is a girl.

And the fact how this is gay now:

Wow, that face is surprisingly fitting for the Pyro.

I know right. Plus it fits in with the style of TF2. Weird and cartoony.
And as you all can see, the pyro was intended to be a man.

And Gordon Freeman was originally intended to be a Russian Space Biker. It doesn’t mater what they were before the game came out, Pyro can still be a woman for all we know as these designs were cut.

Just request this to Jason27, he hexes tf2 skins, hats, etc.

He looks like a Native American.

Why the long face? :smug:

He looks like a gorilla!

I find it hard to believe he has eyebrows.