Pyro Watching TV

The pyro relaxing after a hard day of killing.

First pose in about 9-10 months :ghost: . Please tell me what you think! :sax:

I like it :smiley:

Thanks! I put a lamp in the tv to make it look like it glows on the pyro

He doesn’t look very relaxed. His back is straight and he looks awkward.

Other than that nice pose

Thanks for the feedback. I guess I focused a little more on the props than the pyro himself.

Very nice pose, but for some reason I keep looking for a hidden Spy.

Damn you now im looking too >:(

Nice pose btw the props are well placed!

Funny thing is I thought about placing gman somewhere, but I got lazy

get the hint?
Theres g-man in the picture!!!

Because of your avatar, every time I read one of your posts, I read it in Ed’s voice.
Good pic and I like the lamp effect.

I’m sure this picture would have been actualy good if Ehnanced_Ai did it.

Stop kissing my ass seth.

but yes I agree, it could use a better angle and lighting.

By the way, good pose.

I like it.

I wonder what he’s watching…

Hes sitting like hes taking a shit.


But nice posing and all.

I like it.
Nice Posing ;).

when you pose sitting characters, statue them in a sitting position and then put them into place

Lighting needs some work, it looks flat

I like the lamp effect, the scene build looks nice too.

Thanks for all the constructive feedback, guys. AND THERE’S NO GMAN IN THIS PICTURE… :ninja: