Pyro with flaming eyes and a scythe staring into your soul!

Okay this time i edited it.
I hope you guys like it!

Comments,Improvements and Feedbacks plz!

That’s epic! watch enhanced_ai might kill you if you get too good

Nice work!

That is so epic. I think this picture will give me nightmares.

I like it. Even if there is some spam blood. Nice!



Oh hahah you didn’t even get the texture fix.

Who’d he kill?

He killed the Heavy!
Thx for all the good comments!
:wtc: Youre right :frowning:
I didnt realize it while i was posing

I like it!

However, the flames in the goggles could be a little better. But posing and lighting is fantastic!

Yeah flames could be better :smug:

The for the good rating!

Wow, nice work.

The picture keeps on reminding me of the trailer for “My Bloody Valentine”

Nice lighting by the way. :3

Yeah it really looks like my bloody valentine :smug:

Thx for all your ratings :smiley:

Scary… Feels like my soul is burning. =P
The editing looks good but I don’t really like the blood though.

Didnt was able to make good blood :l


Very much thanks to you sir :smug:

btw 100th post!

Good work. Pretty much flawless

Well the textures are fucked up :l

My pictures have an error every fucking time >_>