Pyro with Tophat and monocle standing on burning corpses.


Like the title said.


pic wont load

I can see, that’s fancy!
and that happens to be my art meme.

Ok now I see it, it’s really cool.

editing looks great, but his hand looks like its broken. there is also some clipping

I kinda notice i broke his finger, ah well. he should just live with it.

I’ve always wanted to get a tophat and a monocle. And I’d also go penny farthing everywhere.

Just cause.

Hmphh… not that good. The monocle is ugly, the pose looks very uncomfortable and the fire is ugly as hell… Like the sparkles tho.

P.S. always agree on yourself!

It was me who agreed with him.

I always really liked that skin and I’d be using it if I weren’t using the Bison hat for him. Picture looks really good but the fingerposing on the shotgun could be better.

Because you totally know who rated him. :v:

Then i shall agree on you too!


I disagree. +1 point for me. Your turn.

I must agree on that. -1 point for me. :frowning:

I didn’t even KNOW i could. >:(