PyroGX Port

The PyroGX from the Descent Series, Remade for Freespace 2 by bigchunk1 here:

Uploaded with

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they are rating you dumb cause of what you released, now try again

We want the “small release thread”!

Your image is broken

ok, there is a problem with the model, its very tiny, how do i fix it?

upscale it in 3ds max

don’t have it… i used blender, maybe i can rescale it in POFCS2

same thing in blender, just select the model use the scale tool, try finding a refrence model in the future so you know the exact size HL2 uses

ok, what is the size of any Fighter-jet in GMOD?

It’s best you import alyx or some other model into blender for reference

i think i’ll port something of similar size, to see if I just screwed up >.<

This model needs serious improvement.

I think its because the game from is so radically different, and textures got moved to the right a bit for some reason.