Pyroland in gmod?

I just wonder, is there anyway to accede pyroland in gmod? It could be very cool! :downs:

Im not sure. Try using skin switcher on the map.

You might be able to open up one of the maps in Hammer and do all of the changes yourself, if Dean’s suggestion didn’t work. Big might there, of course.

Are you being serious or sarcastic?

Not well known enough to know.

Easy to do. Just find the textures in Team Fortress 2 that make up Pyroland, and rename the textures to the ones that make up the map you want to change. Make sure everything’s in the right folder, and the custom textures should just override the textures when the game is loaded.

Don’t forget the lollipop sprites.

Well, i would like to acesse pyroland maybe via console command without having to replace my original textures. But ill maybe try this…

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Its not that i love pyroland this much but its just in case i want to make a video using pyroland for exemple.

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I kinda tried to do that but its hard to know which textures goes with which texture since these are multiples map textures…

You might try taking advantage of the global material replacement system-thingy Garry added to the beta recently.

Material replacement’s an age old trick.

Material(“some material”):SetMaterialString("$basetexture" , Material(“replacement material”):GetMaterialString("$basetexture"))

It’s SetMaterialTexture/GetMaterialTexture.

I was serious, but suggesting.