Pyro's Final Flight

The thread name is corny, I know that :confused: This idea has been floating around in my head since I found out how to make Goldrush explode.

Thread Music (Skip to 1:13, then open pic)


Thanks to:
Camarilla, for helping me pick the Pyro as the focus character and thread music :smiley:
Wystan, for giving me the idea of putting a smoke trail on the cart

Please C&C is welcome!

seems like fun

Lol I have that song downloaded… anywho… Great picture everything seeps shipshape. Artistic.

Too blurry, that’s all.

Hm, must be because I used zoom blur on the Pyro to simulate the motion of him flying towards the camera :confused:

Thanks for the comments so far everyone!

Don’t blur main parts of the image, you should’ve focused on pyro, and blurred the ground.

Looks nice, the fire fits the TF2 theme :slight_smile:

Thanks Santz. Oh, I didn’t make the fire though. It appears when blowing up Goldrush :stuck_out_tongue:

The bomb is what blows up goldrush

It does not survive

The map doesn’t only have one bomb, ever looked through the window in spawn what delivering the bomb.
Fooking manufacturing place full of them.

Anyway this is a good picture but i don’t think the music went well with it in my opinion.

I thought this was pretty funny.

Awesome, I rated it heart because the pyro looks like he’s having fun :3:

How do you get the pit to explode?

This thread contains an ungodly amount of awesome.
Perfect music, awesome picture. I don’t know whether to give you an arty or a funny.

Thanks all! Camarilla and Wystan deserve some of the glory as well, they did provide me with some of the ideas :smiley:

Oh, and to make Goldrush blow up, all you have to do is: go to Cap Point C, remove the covers from the pit, and shoot the barrels.

I think you just launch a random object into the pit.

Pretty funny, have a… funny?