Pyro's House

Now some of you might recognize Pyro’s House from a certain achievement map.
Well there’s now a standalone release available for it, which also has some changes
to make it more GMod friendly. A lot of objects were made into physboxes so players
are able to manipulate them. Pyro’s bedroom can be entirely customized. Also light
switches were added so a custom ligthning can be applied to the map, or simply scenes
can be taken in the darkness. Pyro’s house comes in three versions with different daylight settings.

Download Links:

The BSP file and therefore also the VMF file are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. You are allowed to decompile, improve and remix the map, as long as you guarantee a BSP file or VMF file release under similiar permissive rights.

It looks really bad because you mixed regular textures with tf2 textures. Use one or the other.

There are also some HL2 models. Like Hidden said you ca only use 100% TF2 models or 100% HL2 otherwise it looks bad.
Also why would the Pyro have a house made (at least partially) out of wood?

So this is just a cut-out of a map?

And if its to be Pyros house then why are their pictures of his teammates?

If its the pyros house, why is there a pool, thought the pyro hates water

I don’t know why people here don’t like it.
It’s a really useful map for a lot of TF2 stuff, loved it in the achievement map - and c’mon guys, look at some of the other stuff around. This might not be as good as some of the amazing maps out there, but it’s far better than the majority of things. And at least it ain’t gm_flatgrass[date/name] or gm_construct[date/name/pun].

Nighttime lighting does look a bit awkward though.

I think you guy’s might of gone ape shit a bit to much come on it’s fine


I have some pictures of me and some friends / football teammates in my house… whats wrong with that?

Theres a perfectly good VMF there, why dont we see if we can add the other teammates houses to it?

I think it looks quite nice and dont understand some of the silly criticism.

Yeah i remember this from one of the achievement maps

I would love an entire village.

holy shit!

Fire-proof wood?

nice map :smiley:

Brilliant! All we need now is the Medic Haus from the tf2 map cp_bestinclass_v2

With all the secrets.

you should make a hole street with all 9 team members having there own has on the one road.