Pyscho Sarah Hereford

Right, this is mostly just a model test.
The character is my S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Rp character to be; Sarah Hereford.
Young, Rich and totally insane.

Click for full size.



Damned, .JPEG Compression, click the pictures for full size, the compression, really doesn’t give them credit.

Now if only someone was kind enough too model Jackboots…

C&C And all that Jazz.

Splendid work. Looks like a very good re-skin of Zoey. Quality is very nice. Must see in full view.

Pyscho? Psycho you mean.

Zoey zoey everwhere

Ruddy typo, never noticed it.

Rather TF2 everywhere.


Will she be up for release some time?

This skin is pretty good, I like it :3

She would be, if someone would be as kind to hack on a pair of jackboots, I can’t stand her converse.

^ Just like that (alas a photoshop of an earlier WIP, not a model).

asian hottie

Deja vu.

She’s in-fact English Aristocracy.
The Asian look… Is a myth and an accident.

That woman is a man baby