Pysgun rotation bug

Hi, Just today when I started Garry’s Mod I found I couldn’t rotate objects using the pysgun.

The bug only appeared today, and has affected only a handful of users on the server that I admin on, The affected users all logged on at different times on a mostly empty server making it unlightly but not impossible that someone messed up the client on the server.
The problem also persists in single player so its not server side code that is causing this, although server side code might have modified the clients, or something.

The bug prevents any rotation using the pysgun, The snap key still works but only snaps to the closest area and still wont rotate, the use key still works on buttons and suchlike so the key was not unbound.

Did a recent update cause this?
Why are only certain people affected?
Are there any tags in the console that could enable/disable the pysgun rotation that someone might have exploited?
And Is there any way to fix this?


Have you recently installed any addons?

I’m afraid not, I haven’t even updated my svn’s for weeks.