PzKw LXVIII Super Tiger


rest in peace, dear soldier

What the fuck? Timewarp much?

Timewarp my arse.

Duurb3l bumped it.

The fuel tanks are massive, too massive… but otherwise, good job!

They’re not fuel tanks, they’re mufflers/heat extractors.

On the Tiger I they’re air filters/snorkels.

Weird extra plating is weird…


soon to be deleted ;-;

Discussion log on that page was pure epic. I hope it stays up. Nice job on the facts too.

If only we had a Gcombat wiki, for all our good contraptions.

Why on earth would you make a real wikipedia entry for your gmod contraption. It’s not a “host your pic things”-site, it’s an encyclopedia.

Just for word i can’t use here. It contains two “L’s”, one “U” and one “Z”.

I made a video for it a long time ago

A tank. Again. Woo yay!

Because it was the pinnacle of tank tech then, boredom

You should have posted on gmod wiki.(unless you can’t)

i did, but it’s homo because it doesn’t have an infobox :frowning:

still on the gmod wiki, search “weight” (yeah don’t ask me why)

Starts to cry

D’awww D: